Memories of Romances Past

While sorting my bookshelves with the goal of creating a bookcase dedicated to my beloved romance novels I found some old favourites. It’s one of the things I love about books, they carry so many memories. Not only of the characters but the place you purchased it, when and where you first read it and how that book changed you.

Two books I found particularly brought me back to the day I brought them. Back in 2014 I was spending a lovely shopping day in town and I came across a Mills and Boon stand in Target. I hadn’t read Mills and Boon since high school and had certainly never purchased a brand new one, always having gotten them in second hand bundles from the local charity shop. So I purchased two that, as it turned out, would change my reading habits from then on. These two were Scandal at Greystone Manor by Mary Nichols and The Major’s Guarded Heart by Isabelle Goddard.

That day I brought myself a cup of tea and sat in the memorial gardens amoung the smell of roses and the sounds of birds and sipped tea while starting Greystone Manor. I became so engaged my tea went cold and I spent more of the trip reading than shopping.

It prompted me to get back to reading. I reread Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre and fell in love with classic novels, regency romances and just reading for the pure enjoyment of it in a way I hadn’t since my early teens.

Delightfully these two books are still available as ebooks and I certainly recommend them.

Visit Greystone Manor at Goodreads.

Meet the Major at Goodreads.


A Theory and a Scoundrel

I have a theory that it is tradition for all readers, after announcing a new reading project, to be completely overwhelmed by life and have no chance to pick up a book for months. That is, indeed, how my year started. Just after finally starting a blog I wrote only one post and disappeared.

And then along came a scoundrel…

Feeling somewhat exhausted by the world I picked up Vivienne Lorret’s Lord Holt Takes a Bride last night and it is delightful. The first in her The Mating Habits of Scoundrels series, it has that irresistible combination of a gaggle of friends who will find love book by book over the series and scoundrels and rakes with hidden hearts of gold.

I am looking forward to reading more of the antics of our leading lady and her friends as I reclaim my blog as well as my reading hours.

Happy Reading

Meet Lord Holt at Goodreads

And so it begins…

A new year and a new stack of books waiting to be read. This year is going to be about books that make me smile. So get ready for regency romances, rereading Austen and the Brontes and a maybe even, finally, reading War and Peace.